deck stores

The reputation of our technical department continues to grow. We are second to none in our ability to apply our expertise and knowledge, built over years to provide the correct items at competitive prices. Our networking ensures fast delivery of required necessities from sweet-melon to engine gasket whenever you place an order. Our efficient services ensures that all goods arrive in first class condition and on time at the ordered destination. 

provision and sund supply


We have all types of provisions in our Farms to suit a wide range/diverse tastes of our foreign national. We also have multi¬-purpose built freezers that are fully stocked with prime quality meats, poultry and fresh fish, shrimps and sea-foods and bonded goods are readily available from stock. Our provision buyers are well experienced in catering for specific crew’s needs and all ethnic requirements. Fresh produce is bought daily from our local farm-yards & markets.  



Everything we deliver is itemized , palletized and shrimps wrapped to ensure easy identification. We use our own fleets of service – including refrigerated vehicles where appropriate to retain control throughout the delivery process, and all our drivers are equipped with radio & mobile set. In this way we speed up delivery and ensure that any changes to your requirements can be dealt with.

Our trained and highly motivated professional staffs are on ground and ready to offer you the best service(s) backed by modern communication equipment and working practices. We work with utmost responsibility putting into consideration our watchword which is Safety First. We look forward to working with you and in developing a relationship that will be base on trust.